24hr Reed City Towing - Towing in Big Rapids, Mt Pleasant & Central MI

Central MI Towing Service

Reed City Towing provides 24hr car and heavy truck towing, heavy duty recovery, heavy hauling and roadside assistance along US 10, US 127, US 131, M 20, M 46, M 66 in Central Michigan. Our fleet of auto and semi truck wreckers, tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles are standing by now to provide 24hr towing, recovery, hauling, storage and roadside needs. Call our 24hr dispatch center at 231-832-0101 now to have a truck dispatched to your location.

Trusted, Local 24hr Towing Services

Reed City Towing is a family owned and operated, local towing company that is committed to delivering efficient, trusted and affordable 24hr towing and recovery services in Central Michigan including: Lake City, Leroy, Chase, Clare, Lakeview, Alma, Beaverton, Harrison and Marion, MI. Our team of expertly trained and Wreckmaster certified employees understand your time is valuable, and we will quickly assist in your towing or recovery issue, minimizing the impact to you and your operations. Reed City Towing is the premier Central MI towing company. Our uniformed drivers are standing by, so call 231-832-0101 to get a truck headed your way.

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24hr Heavy Duty Truck Towing

Heavy Towing Cadillac MI

Reed City Towing provides 24hr heavy truck towing throughout its service area. We offer complete heavy duty towing services including semi-truck towing, work truck towing, bus towing, RV towing and more. Our team of expertly trained and experienced heavy towing operators are ready to serve you 24/7/365. Our heavy duty wreckers and flatbeds are equipped to handle the most challenging heavy towing needs. Call our 24hr dispatch center at 231-832-0101 to have a heavy tow truck dispatched to your location.

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Heavy Duty Recovery

Heavy Recovery

Reed City Towing provides heavy recovery service throughout central Michigan and along US 10, US 127, US 131, M 20, M 46, M 66. Our Heavy Recovery Team provides fast and affordable commercial truck recovery for all trucks, trailers, containers and cargo. Call 231-832-0101 to find out more about Reed City’s heavy recovery services.

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Light Equipment Hauling

Equipment Hauling Reed City MI

Reed City Towing offers complete equipment, cargo and container hauling services throughout Central Michigan. Our team of experienced equipment and container haulers will safely transport your load to wherever it is headed within Michigan or the Midwest USA. Reed City offers scheduled and immediate hauling services 24/7/365.

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